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The perfect tactical boot

Desert boots the perfect leisurewear and the perfect tactical boot

Author: Sunil Punjabi

If we take the name desert boot literally then we will only wear desert boots in the desert, likewise an athletic shoe will only be worn when you are doing something athletic. Of course any kind of shoe can be worn anywhere and the same is true of desert boots. What you will find with a desert boot is footwear that is very comfortable and looks great. A desert boot whilst designed for such an environment will work equally as well as leisure or hiking boot. A boot designed for the desert will be equally at home in the great outdoors or on a city street.

desert boots are designed with that, kind of location in mind so what you will get with such a boot is extra ventilation and special linings which both help keep feet cool. A desert boot could also be called a hot weather boot or even an all weather boot depending on the kind of place or location you work in. desert boots could also be classed as tactical wear and be worn as generic every day wear. There really is no limit to where and how you wear your desert boots. In the main, any kind of boot that can be worn by the military or first responders will be extremely well designed and manufactured.

Looking at desert boots will show you that they actually look no different from any boot other than in colour. The lighter tan, sand and khaki colours are popular for desert boots for obvious reasons as they help the overall camouflage look for military personnel. Being as invisible as possible on front lines in war zones is crucial and that is why camouflage is extremely important. A black desert boot would be no good, as it would draw immediate attention to the eye for anyone looking for a target. Not that you or I would need to observe any kind of camouflage rules if we are just wearing our desert boots for leisurewear.

desert boots can be jam packed with innovative materials and technology, which help make them far superior to an ordinary run of the mill boots. Any boots designed for the military have to meet very exacting standards. When you consider that input from General Schwarzkopf went into some boots manufactured and designed for the Gulf war you get a picture of how high the standards of the boots have to be. The boots were initially rejected as they weren’t up to standard, but a few modifications produced a boot that had specific features to help feet cope with the extremes the desert location produces.

As a day to day all round boot, you can’t go far wrong with a desert boots. There are lots of styles of desert boots that ladies and men can wear. The styles are easily worn as fashion items, and no one has to know you have extreme comfort and durability unless you want them to. A classic styled light tan desert boot looks equally as good on the streets as it does in the great outdoors. Whilst the military rely on their boots to keep their feet safe, protected and supported we can also rely on our boots for the same. desert boots are a great boot and no, you don’t have to be in a desert to wear them.

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