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Survival Training

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Survival skills

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Ambox content Survival TrainingSurvival skills are techniques a person may use in a dangerous situation (e.g. … little or no training but a strong will to live are not uncommon. …



Why Everyone Needs Military Survival Training

Author: Rahman Mehraby

Why Everyone Needs Military Survival Training? If we sincerely think about it, almost each one of us needs to learn about safety measures to some extent. As, even with all our technological advancements in place, we still can not predict when catastrophes hit us. Be it in the form of natural calamities or any other human-caused disasters, it is essential that one remains safe and also helps others to survive in extreme situations.

Can we forget the disaster that Hurricane Katrina brought in or the 9/11 that rocked the world with terror? The loss of property is nothing in comparison to the number of deaths that slap us in the face. Though we can not probably avoid such situations, we can always try to be alert and smart enough to react fast that can help us to be safe and help others survive as well.

Military survival training has a lot of advantages in real terms. Not forgetting the fact that even with the evident risks that we take everyday, we still hanker after adventure and this leads us to trekking or mountaineering or even camping in deep forests. With this unquenchable thirst in the human being for living on the edge, we risk a lot. Rather than trying to pacify the hunger for adventure, we can learn to survive in even the most difficult of situations which would establish our triumph over disasters.

Essential for Survival Outdoors

Military survival training is essential for everyone. Though there are some lessons, we are provided with in school, those are not sufficient as we need to learn certain things as grown ups which are never included in the training for kids. And one need not really be a military person to learn how to survive in extreme situations. Various survival trainings are designed to help students learn about surviving in trying situations.

These programs aim to educate the citizens for using military survival kits that carry essential goods to help one survive when there is nobody to help or at least survive till help reaches. They can contain stuff like knives, match boxes, compasses, survival vests, shelters, water filters, spear fish, signal lights etc. These goods can be best used with a bit of training. These trainings also make you fit enough to go for various outdoor adventures with ease and make the best use of your time camping or trekking.

Getting Ready for Natural Calamities

Natural calamities can be a cause of great loss of life and goods. Even with weather predictions, it becomes difficult to foresee the amount of loss they can cause as they take there own course and human beings have no control over that. And even with our paramedic services and Para military services in action, it may take a while before any help reaches us.

In such situations, military survival training comes as a blessing. If you have taken these types of trainings, you can react to the situations happening around you and prove to be a great help to your family and friends.

Remaining Fit, Alert and Disciplined

Any sort of physical training aims to make you fit enough to prove your metal against harsh conditions. Survival trainings generally involve making a person ready to face situations that require physical strength as well as take alert decisions that would be helpful for the individual himself as well as for his friends and family. The essential advantage of military training is that they make individuals disciplined and organized that help one go through tough scenarios.

Similarly, military survival training can instill the values of maintaining a disciplined life. You get ready to meet challenges without any compromise. As you are taught about tough situations, you can think fast and act accordingly.

Finally, these trainings are required to make one responsible about himself as well as others. Every harsh situation requires one to behave responsibly and in well reasoned manner which come in the process of these trainings.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/camping-articles/why-everyone-needs-military-survival-training-1735953.html

About the Author

Survival Outdoor Skills, the authority website, teach you Military Survival Training. He is an expert in Outdoor Survival Skills. Learn more at: http://www.survivaloutdoorskills.com.


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